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Things that I'm really getting into

Things that I'm really getting into

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Qigong, why is this so hard to learn about?
Want to learn more about Neidan. Inner Alchemy???
  • (no subject) - _crow365__
    • Actually, I've got a decent one, I think, that I need to read first, but afterwards, yeah, that'd be great.
  • Qui Gong for Cleansing

    This has been on my Amazon wish list for months.
  • I briefly studied essence qiqong when I lived in Kent. The hands-on learning approach is definitely A Good Thing, could never have gotten it from a book!
    • I also have a dvd for beginners practice, though, it's not the same as one-to-one master/pupal approach, unfortunately. But for now, with my finances, it's as good as it's going to get.
  • Don't know about Toaism but I may be able to help with Taoism. ;)

    I picked up a copy of 'The Tao of Pooh' for you a while back, I forget if I ever actually gave it to ya. I think that it is a good introduction to "Classical" Taoism (primarly the Chuang-tzu and Tao te Ching), by no means is it a scholarly work but it's a very easy read. 'The Te of Piglet' is Hoff's follow-up work, much more preachy and ecological, but you might enjoy it as well.

    If you're more interested in "Religious" Taoism (rituals, "deities", etc.), I can point you to a few places but it isn't an area that I've gotten into much (some of it seems to run counter to traditional teachings IMHO, but it could just be me).
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