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I may be an over-achiever, but even I have my limits...

I may be an over-achiever, but even I have my limits...

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Right now, I am currently breathing a deep sigh of relief. My shoulders fall relaxed, and I'm happy with my decision, if a little regretful that I'd made the wrong with in the first place that needed to be corrected now. I just accepted a "W", and dropped my communications class. It was a good class, with a great instructor...but taking five classes this quarter was a mistake on my part, and one that I couldn't quite live up to without sacrificing my happiness and more importantly, the balance and sanity that I've been working so hard to restore. So I just dropped it, and I feel good. I can take it, and WILL take it again in the winter. I just wish that I would have had the sense to drop it earlier in the quarter so that I wouldn't have had to accrue another W.

I'm finally done preparing to send out my application for my internship. I do so tomorrow. I have a copy of my transcripts, 2 letters of recommendation, an awesome resume, and an even more awesome professional portfolio slide show burned to a beautiful pink CD to send along with my application. Cross your fingers for me people. THIS IS IMPORTANT, and could potentially make my career.
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