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Well, it figures. I've been so upset today, and have been grumbling to myself and have waited a lot time to post about stuff, and now that I have an opportunity to sit down and vent it all out.... I've sputtered out, and have nothing left really to complain about. Still, earlier today I was so frustrated with the world and with people that I couldn't contain it, and my heart, I could feel it breaking. I'm okay now of course, partially, no probably all because I asked Freyr and Freyja to ease the pain in my heart, because I knew that they'd understand exactly where that pain came from.

On a good front, I'm so loving my computer! Today's the fist time that I took it to school with me. Yay! Now I'm sitting, waiting for class, and using my built - in wireless card. I wish that it was an apple (I can't believe that I'm saying that?!?!?!) so that I wouldn't be so afraid of getting viruses, but oh well. But....if any of you electronically savvy friends of mine know how to get OS X on an Acer, please, by all means, let me know. :) In the mean time, I'll just baby with this baby as is.

I got it so that when I go to Hawaii, I don't have to take my other laptop. I find out if I get the internship, btw, on June 12th. Ahhhhh

Well, I don't know what to talk about. I missed the last 3CG rite that I was planning on attending, and I probably won't get to go to Wellspring like I want because they always schedule it too close to test time....and this is the first year since I came to Columbus that I didn't walk in the Komen. :( But, I really needed to go home.
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