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I can't even remember the last time it occurred to me to write on LJ. It's most likely been over a year, if not more, I'd reckon. I'll be home soon, whatever that means...

Something's coming around the bend...I'm huffing and puffing, dragging myself up the ridge of the mountain...I feel like I can go no farther... but something's over that ridge line, something's at the top, and I feel that when I reach it, everything will change. And though I'm fearful of the top, and of the possible fall, I keep climbing, because now, looking down, there is nowhere else to go. But then again...whatever is coming...in the back of my mind, I know, that where ever I may get to might not be the lesson, might not be the matter, the marrow, the point. Perhaps it's the climb that matters most.

My dreams are laughing at me...and the veil over them is thick and disconcerting. I am, at one time, equal parts anxious, impatient, and dreading to go home. So many cans of worms. Leaving one can for a barrel... if only it were a barrel full of knife-fighting monkeys. Well, whatever's up, I hope it will lead to fun, and laughter, and long-forgotten joy and mischief.

Hopefully, I'll be seeing some of you back stateside by turkey-time.


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